These are the best design trends 2021

Learn to better combine colors and textures with these tips

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Last year a lot of people had to think of creative ways in which to use their residential space to its full capacity. The popularity of home office and outdoor living spaces are expected to continue to grow exponentially in 2021. The best design trends 2021 that will interest residential designers, have one thing in common: comfort. It’s time to deck out outdoor living spaces for year-round use. Create spaces that are ideal for entertaining, where to feel comfortable and at peace.

What’s trending: materials, colors, fabrics and more!

Best design trends 2021: materials

Natural materials – such as organic cotton, wood, wool, and wicker – are among the Best design trends 2021. Natural looking synthetic eco-friendly materials and natural organic materials are among the favorites for outdoor furniture. There is a significant reduction in the use of synthetic materials that are not eco-friendly, so these are becoming less and less popular. 


Best design trends 2021: colors

Warm colors are in this season. For residential outdoor furniture, deck and patio furniture, the warm color palette continues to influence the overall exterior design. Warm and earthy hues – brown, taupe, golden yellow, dusty red and olive green – are trending. You can integrate warm colors into the outdoors by painting doors, window and door trims, and fences. 


There is also a tendency to create monochromatic oases.


Best design trends 2021: functionality and flexibility of spaces 

Outdoor furniture has become more functional than ever. Multiuse and multipurpose furniture design is a good example of this. Luxury outdoor furniture should be comfortable and supportive as well as being weather hardy. 

‘Biophilic design’ – increasing one’s connectivity to nature through architecture – is also becoming increasingly popular. By arranging residential furniture as if the outdoor and indoor areas are part of the same room, you can create a natural flow between interior and exterior, just by creating a connection between the 2 spaces. You can also create a flow between indoors and outdoors by using the same flooring and fabrics in both locations. Nowadays, outdoor fabrics are as diverse and soft to the touch as any indoor fabric. They can work perfectly in any indoor design.

functionality and flexibility of spaces

Indoor-outdoor rooms

These days, it is popular to decorate an outdoor space with the same attention to detail as you would an indoor space, like creating a living room in the garden or transforming an outdoor BBQ area into a fully equipped outdoor kitchen that you might find at a fancy resort. There are plenty of outdoor décor accessories avaliable like elaborate lighting, weatherproof fabrics and trendy counter tops.

The continuity between interior and exterior is of utmost importance here. One way to keep the flow is to incorporate the same flooring material. A thicker stoneware, and a non-slip textured finish is perfect for both spaces because it is resistant and easy to clean.   

Transform the front yard into an entertainment area with a long wooden table and comfortable porch furniture. You can even carve out a space in an existing planting bed to use as a seating nook: cover the floor in gravel, get some quality lighting and install a small water feature for ambiance. With landscape lighting, less is always better. Determine whether task lighting – used for a specific purpose, like lighting a pathway – or accent lighting, like drawing attention to a beautiful bloom is more appropriate.

Handling the elements

Here are some of the best design trends 2021 to deal with the elements, extreme temperatures and creepy crawlies:

  • Heat lamps, outdoor fireplaces, firepits, and pizza ovens.
  • Retractable shade fixtures – umbrellas and shade sails.
  • Drop-down screens to include patio spaces.
  • A ceiling fan in a pergola.

Creating viewpoints

It’s important to take into account the view from the interior of a residential space and to create a strong outdoor focal point. People spend a lot of time gazing out of their windows in a dreamy state. Create a work of art with an outdoor living space to admire from a cozy chill-out spot indoors. 


Create more interesting proposals with a creative Moodboard

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Best design trends 2021: performance fabrics

There are new materials and technologies available which are made for  outdoor use. This gives the designer far more variety when it comes to upholstered furniture, textiles and accessories like poufs and hammocks. Try integrating neutral tones with bright pops of color. 

performance fabrics

Best design trends 2021: gardens in residential outdoor spaces

Here are some top gardening trends:

  • Design gardens that attract birds by incorporating native plants into your garden and by adding a bird bath. They provide benefits for regional birds and insects. 
  • Start a cutting garden: this can be a perfectly imperfect part of the outdoor space.
  • Create an edible garden: with families being at home edible gardens have become even more popular. Consider adding trellises to edible gardens: for a balcony or a backyard. 
  • Leave the garden to grow freely: ethereal wild gardens are relaxed and fun.

 gardens in residential outdoor spaces

Residential gardens for the big smoke

For a city dweller with a smaller outdoor space, one of the best design trends 2021 is to make the space look bigger. In fact, these are some ways that you can make a space look bigger:

  • Be intentional with the space and use both the horizontal and vertical space available. Use outside walls for plants.
  • Incorporate outdoor murals.
  • Place bursts of color in the right spots. Bright vibrant blooms are trending. 
  • Allow one or two areas to be unused and create clear pathways.
  • Use green as a backdrop color to combine with other colors, tints, and  shades.

Let your design be inspired by the best design trends 2021. At this time people are spending far more time at home with their families. Designing comfortable and relaxed spaces, for entertaining family and friends needs to be a top priority.