Presenting Kannoa’s top outdoor furniture designs for commercial spaces and hospitality

Kannoa has a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor furniture for hospitality and commercial spaces. The company’s unparalleled craftsmanship and exceptional service give it an impressive edge over other manufacturers in the industry.


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Kannoa’s top commercial outdoor furniture collections

Here are Kannoa’s top 4 furniture collections:

Nest outdoor furniture collection

This delightful collection is modern with an urban twist. It is an incredibly unique collection of luxury outdoor furniture. Each piece in the collection is eye-catching. For most people it is love at first sight. The Nest collection is ideal if you’re wanting to incorporate an urban feel into a particular outdoor setting. 

Florence outdoor furniture collection

If you’re looking for poolside seating or dining furniture the Florence collection takes the cake. The geometrically designed Florence chaise lounge is simple yet alluring. Its lines are elegant and luxurious.
The design can be customized in any of Kannoa’s 16 color frames and myriad of mesh fabric. You could opt for something a little spicy, like Topaz Orange frame, or fresh, like Citrine Yellow or Marquise Green. Or if you’re looking for outdoor furniture in a more neutral color scheme try slick Granite or calming Agate Gray.
There are plenty of options to achieve your creative vision. The mesh on this collection offers more breathability and fast dry time. The client’s logo can be added to the optional headrest pillow.

Toledo outdoor furniture collection

This stylish collection takes hospitality furniture to another level. Toledo’s versatile deep seating works well in any open space, on a balcony or under a pergola. The Toledo chaise lounge complements this collection. It is another one of our hospitality designs that is ideal for completing your pool area design project. There are hundreds of possibilities when it comes to various configurations, which makes it possible to meet all of your clients’ seating requirements.


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Sicilia outdoor furniture collection

This modern classic collection was designed with durability and functionality in mind. Sicilia is perfect for the high traffic and heavy use of commercial spaces. Each item will add symmetry to your luxurious outdoor setting.
The Sicilia collection stands out for its range of products. The collection includes barstools and pool chaise lounges, options for seating areas as well as tables and chairs for a poolside restaurant. Mesh seating is a practical and striking option. The slick polished grey tones in the faux teak combine beautifully with the anodized finish on the frames. 
Commercial Outdoor furniture needs to be durable, functional, and stylish at the same time. With the correct collections, a designer will be able to create a feeling of harmony in any commercial outdoor space. These four collections are a reflection of Kannoa’s quality contemporary furniture designs. There is enough diversity between each collection for a any designer to find what they are looking for, whether it’s for a hotel lobby or a commercial poolside area.