Outdoor spaces have now become more relevant, our industry has as well.

Luis Blasini

The quarantine has changed our value equation with respect to the outdoors. We can see it, and more importantly, we now crave it. A renewed appreciation of open spaces on this COVID-19 era is evident. It is no longer just research reports or studies telling us the significant benefits of being outdoors (stress reduction or battling depression, or physical health benefits, all of those aspects of our health are only improved by spending time in nature), now we can feel it.

That combined with social distancing and the inevitable aftereffects of the Pandemic, will make outdoor and open spaces a more frequent part of our lives. Just imagine the next time you go into a restaurant and the waiter asks: “do you want a table inside or at the patio?”

Restaurants, Coffee houses, Malls, Office Buildings and any place where people gather will be encouraged to create more open spaces where customers will feel safer.  

I feel all of us in the Outdoor Furniture Industry need to be there with products and services to fulfill this need. Outdoor spaces will become a significant part of our daily lives, so we need to design products that are easy to clean and disinfect while preserving the comfort and durability to weather the elements and the increased usage.

We also need to continue to educate our customers on the benefits of the materials we use. Because we design for outdoors, our products have an inherent capability to deal with the cleaning protocols our customers will now require.

It is a new era, one that will demand more from our outdoor products and outdoor spaces. Our industry is ready for the challenge.

Luis Blasini - Co Founder and CEO - KANNOA


About Luis Blasini:

Luis Alejandro Blasini, is the Co-founder and CEO of Kannoa a Furniture Company based here in Miami.  Kannoa begun operation in 2006 and is currently one of the top Outdoor furniture brands in the country.

Luis is the creative mind behind their design aesthetics and driving vision.   He has spent his professional career building a massive collection of innovative furniture designs and building Kannoa to be a recognizable furniture brand.

He believes that in order to become a successful entrepreneur we have to learn to put the needs of other person first, the team, the clients and the suppliers.

Mr. Blasini was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela.  Moved to the United States in the early 90’s to start his College education.  He Hold an Economics Degree from the University of Miami and an International Business and Finance Degree from St Thomas University.