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KANNOA - Helping Ukraine


Regardless if you are for or against globalization, it is undeniable that we are deep in it. What happens in one part of the world has an effect everywhere else. This has become more than evident with the spread of Covid and all the problems it has created in every sector and industry. I know we are not alone in fielding incoming and outgoing calls regarding delays due to material and labor shortages, but it seems like my days are filled trying to solve “furniture emergencies”.

A few months into Russia’s war in Ukraine, we are already feeling the ripples of increased gasoline prices that continue to inflate already exorbitant transportation costs. The furniture and construction industries are just a couple of the areas that will be affected by the embargo on Russian lumber products which account for 12% of global timber trade. Poland, a global leader in furniture manufacturing, will continue to be directly affected by the conflict. They have already felt economic strain not only due to trade, but more importantly due to the humanitarian effort to help their Ukrainian neighbors.

Instead of only worrying about how our businesses and daily lives will be adversely affected, I hope we can take a moment to think about how lucky we are to be able to continue our work routines going to our homes and our families who are safe and sound. I hope we can appreciate this reality check and understand that the interconnectedness of the world today not only affects us but that we can also have an effect on the world. Be kind to each other and help those in need, if you can. It truly makes a difference.

In efforts to help the Ukrainian humanitarian aid we are sharing with you the link bellow to the UNICEF so you can help from a distance. We have to stand together in this time of need, and we hope you can contribute in some way with the Ukrainian people.

Our thoughts are with all the people in Ukraine. We hope the crisis ends as soon as possible.


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