5 trends on outdoor furniture for commercial spaces

The Commercial and Hospitality industries move extremely fast and are
constantly refreshing their furniture offering every 5 to 10 years.

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The way to draw guests to a restaurant, bar or hotel, is to create a relaxing, sophisticated and joyful environment. A commercial space does well with a touch of drama. This next seasons’ outdoor furniture will stand out. Add a touch of dazzle with expressive shades and dramatic light fixtures. Play with different shapes, from minimalist cubic tables and rectangular sofas to cozy rounded rocking chairs. Metal, stone, textile, vegetable fiber – rattan or straw – and wood are the materials that are at the fore of 2021.

The outdoor furniture trends for commercial spaces for 2021

Strict linear shapes are trending alongside deliberately round shapes, but not necessarily in the same space. There is a tendency towards natural, course materials like rattan, hemp and hessian, etc. Where the indoor color palette is centered more on earthy shades, the outdoor palette holds bright and expressive shades. Practicality and functionality will always be of great importance in furniture design. Outdoor furniture for 2021 is meant to stand out from its general background rather than blending into it. It is all about combining artistic design with premium materials.



5 Trends for outdoor commercial furniture

1. Modern Retro Style

This style is about glamor and luxury. For a unique, multi-layered effect try combining traditional and modern furniture. Use bold and vivacious colors. With more neutral-colored outdoor furniture, it is easy to add bright and luscious pillows and cushions. Place statement pieces in empty spaces. Combine modern, sleek forms with bold graphics and bright patterns. Outdoor LED floor lamps with geometric patterns are ideal for this type of decor. Dramatic wallpaper digitally printed on a variety of textures would work well in a hotel lobby. Be inspired by Art Deco with its symmetrical designs and exuberant shapes.


2. Minimal luxury outdoor furniture 

With clean lines and purity of form, you will be able to design a scene fit for a Greek goddess. Transform hotel spaces and lobbies into stylish and breathable areas. Luxury outdoor furniture will include soft curves and delicate finishes giving the outdoor space a sense of sophistication and quality. White will always remain a classic color for fabric. Spruce it up with bright cushions. There is a wonderful array of natural materials available, like jute and rattan that are taking the lead in 2021.


3. Contemporary classic furniture

Design stylish and cozy outdoor areas with elegant and modern outdoor furniture like a gravity swing sofa, a rattan seating hut or a cocoon armchair. There is a wide spectrum of colors available, from earthy shades of greens and browns to bright and expressive shades. Transform hotel furniture in a lobby into something aesthetic and relaxing.
Wrought iron and steel are popular on chairs, tables and decorative elements because they are resistant and durable. They look good in most spaces and work well with wood. Wooden outdoor furniture with metallic touches is trending for 2021.



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4. Curved shapes

Smooth and rounded outdoor furniture is going to be particularly fashionable in 2021. Curved furniture is ideal for a large space as it gives the area a sense of movement. It adds beauty, comfort and functionality to a space. Curved furniture is perfect for a lobby or reception area. You can create a well-rounded space, which encourages interaction between people, using shapes that complement one another. Soft curves – curved sofas, coffee tables, and round rugs – make individuals feel more relaxed.
Simple materials such as cotton and wood are trending in outdoor furniture. These materials do not require extensive refining processes with toxic or harmful chemicals.


5. Artistically minimalist

Create an artistically minimalist environment by artfully blending metal, concrete, terrazzo and glass. Forged furniture and custom wrought iron furniture would fit beautifully into this type of space. The idea is classic shapes with precise lines.
Add woven wall hangings, macramé hammocks, and metallic lighting fixtures – like Isotopic chandeliers – to the space, keeping in mind that we want to keep things minimal. Copper takes the lead in trending metals for 2021.
Outdoor life and entertainment are important to modern-day life. This makes it important to decorate the exterior with the same attention to detail that we pay to the interior. Outdoor areas are where we have happy social gatherings. By implementing certain of these outdoor furniture trends for commercial spaces like hotels and restaurants, you will create a sanctuary. And at this time in history, designers should be striving to restore a sense of safety and peace to the spaces.