4 levels of customization for your outdoor furniture project

Are you looking for commercial outdoor furniture for your luxury commercial spaces? The Variety of Design and material offer you the possibility of customizing and getting  the furniture that you expect. At Kannoa, you will find all the designs and tools you will need to bring your vision to life.

Outdoor furniture for commercial spaces

Select a frame, materials and fabric, and Kannoa will make them to order for any project. You can create stylish bespoke pieces for your outdoor projects.

Frames for outdoor furniture

There are over 300 frame designs to choose from depending on the commercial outdoor space you are designing:

• Armchairs • Chaises • Side tables 
• Sofas • Cabanas • Barstools
• Dining • Umbrellas • Sectionals
• Day beds • Ottomans


The Commercial and Hospitality industries move extremely fast and are
constantly refreshing their furniture offering every 5 to 10 years.

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Material selections for outdoor furniture

Choose from a variety of colors and finishes. Frame materials include wicker, metal, rope, faux teak, and alumiwood.

16 wickers, 16 Aluminum Colors, 8 Rope Colors, 2 HPL, Over 300 Fabric,

Fabric for outdoor furniture

There is an array of fabric options to choose from: Serge Ferrari mesh/slings, Sunbrella 100% Acrylic Sunbrella fabrics, Ultrafabrics and Spradling outdoor leather vinyls are just some of the options out there. The fabrics and vinyls come in a range of different colors and patterns to choose from.

At Kannoa there are 4 different levels of furniture customization. These levels have been created to meet your specific design needs.

The 4 different levels of customization for outdoor furniture

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Level 1: The Stocking Program

Choose one of the outdoor furniture frames available in the Stocking Program. Some of the styles include are dining, seating, lounging and more. Once you have chosen a style you can customize the cushions. Choose the fabric type, color and pattern.

You could choose a neutral-colored fabric for the cushion construction and then colorful throw pillows to set the tone. Alternatively, you could design bold in the cushions and solid throw pillows.

Level 2: The Fast-Track Program

There are more than 75 outdoor furniture frames to choose from in the Fat-Track Program. Choose the furniture piece and the frame color. Colors range from more neutral colors like Agate Grey to brighter colors like Ruby Fuchsia. Next, select the fabric to customizing the cushions. 

Level 3: Special-order program

If you’re looking to design unique outdoor space, there are even more styles to choose from in the Special-order Program. Specify the frame color and choose a material: wicker, metal, rope, faux teak or alumiwood. Every piece is handcraft to your selection.

Give you imagination a voice and start using bright bold colors.

Level 4: Design your own outdoor furniture

Designing beautiful custom furniture is something that takes time and creative flare.

Work with our team to achieve uniquely tailored designs that are customized to your specific needs. The process involves idea development followed by technical drawings, material selection and renderings. Our team will personally assist you in choosing the ideal styles, finishes and swatches for your outdoor furniture.

Think of Kannoa as your personal design toolbox.

These 4 levels of customization are convenient and perfect for any outdoor furniture project for commercial spaces. Customize luxurious furniture to grace hotels, restaurants, pools and more. You will create a stylish and comfortable custom-made furniture to suit your outdoor project to a tee.