It just rained and my outdoor furniture is wet!

Wet Surface


Yes, it probably is. Chances are, your car and pretty much anything else that was outside is also wet. Why, then, is this such a common question with regards to outdoor furniture?<br><br>

Perhaps it is a matter of expectation. When it comes to the outdoors, we confuse low maintenance with no maintenance. The technology that goes into making high quality materials for the outdoors has come a long way in improving water repellency and UV protection but a little maintenance is still a must.<br><br>

All-weather wicker, plastic and aluminum frames need to be wiped down with a soft damp cloth to remove dust, fallen leaves and other debris (insert link to frame care instructions). <br><br>

Cushions need a little more care. You can visit your outdoor furniture manufacturer’s website to get information on what type of fabric they use to make their cushions and that fabric’s specific cleaning instructions. At Kannoa, we like to use Sunbrella for our cushions because it is 100% solution dyed acrylic. (insert link to fabric care instructions). The way solution dyed acrylic is made makes it resistant to mold and mildew. Regardless, cushions should also be wiped down often with a soft damp cloth to prevent dirt from getting trapped in between the threads of the fabric. Mold will grow on the dirt not on the fabric itself. Preventive care is the best way to protect your investment in the outdoors. <br><br>

After a light rainfall, the cushions can be wiped dry. Good quality outdoor fabrics will have water repellent properties that will allow moisture to bead up on the surface where it can be easily dried. If the rainfall is more substantial, just open up the zipper and prop up the cushion on its side with the open zipper facing down. This will help the water drain out better.
Still, there is nothing that will ruin the mood to have fun outdoors faster than sitting on damp furniture. To always be assured you will enjoy your time outside and to keep the whole problem at bay, invest in good furniture covers that will ventilate as well maintain your furniture dry.