Is the season for luxurious outdoor living. It doesn’t matter how large or small your outdoor landscape is, it only matters that it’s inviting, well planned, and luxuriously comfortable.

I select outdoor furniture much like I would indoor pieces. My sit test is that I either have to be able to sit cross legged or with one foot tucked up under me, and lying down I like a chaise that doesn’t make me feel like I’m barely on it and about to fall off. I’m also a cushion hound and rarely use pieces without them. (While I may collect chairs that are all look and no function, that’s art less furniture!)

One of my favorite outdoor furniture companies is Kannoa. They offer the true hallmarks of well designed outdoor furniture that suits whether you want Miami by the beach or Hamptons’ poolside. And they are made to last, often used in commercial as well as residential applications. Luxurious outdoor living only works when you have the right pieces that stand up to everything Mother Nature dishes out.