We are almost there… Spring is officially here and although Winter will try its best to break even the hardiest of spirits, warmer weather will prevail. Soon, flowers will bloom and pools will open. This is the perfect time to make sure our outdoor furniture is ready for another tour of duty. Take the furniture out of storage and check for the following: • Look for any mayor structural damage • Check for frame stability and sturdiness • See if all end caps and screws are in place, tighten or replace if necessary (remember to use marine grade stainless steel to avoid rusting) • Clean frame with a soft damp cloth • Apply any sealant or protectant the manufacturer recommends • Brush off any debris and dust from the cushions. Spot clean where necessary. • If the cushion is very dirty, wash with cool water and a mild soap. Rinse until the water runs clear. Air dry. • Reapply a fabric protectant especially formulated for outdoor fabrics (e.g 303 Fabric Guard) to restore water repellency Hold tight. The cold weather will soon break and we will be able to enjoy the warm sunshine on our clean outdoor furniture!